Say it with colors – Happy Holi!

Holi is synonymous with fun and freedom as everyone completely participates joyfully. Holi is the most fun-filled and lively festival celebrated in India. It starts with Basant Panchami that is also well-known as the beginning of festival of romance celebrated by the love and play of “Radha and Krishna” as Brij Holi popular all over the world. There are mouth-watering delicacies to taste such as Gujiyas and Papris and everyone celebrate the joy of happiness and spirit with their friends and family. It brings bliss and mirth, fun and play, music and dance and celebration in rainbow of colors.
The State of Royals, Rajasthanis renowned for its bright colors and numerous festivals and to maintain this decorum the tradition of Holi Milan and the festival in the City Palace attract good number of tourists besides the localities. Holi is part of the wholesome package for one who wishes to taste the celebratory offerings of India. The royal family hosts an extravagant function at the City Palace, and the Holika Dahan is organized along with Rangoli completion and traditional Rajasthan’s food festival. Whereas in South India festivities start a week in advance of the auspicious day and the celebrations continue for a week after. Some organize Holi Milan, a get together of friends and family either on Holi evening or couple of days before. Every household prepares the Thandai also known as Bhang that is a traditional drink, made of milk and crushed or ground almonds, besides other freshening ingredients but the highlight is, of course, the throwing of colours. Apart from splashing colours, some continue their celebrations with the tradition of consuming Bhang during the festivities. There is fun and frolic; playing and pranks in the atmosphere that makes the celebration friendlier.

During Holi, we freely express our innermost feelings for the divine as colors are said to impact our spiritual progress and festival of Holi and celebrations are incomplete without colors. So what are you thinking, this time celebrate and be a part of rainbow festival and enjoy the different shades of life with everyone.

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